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Alberto Puig and Marc Márquez got injured: ‘There is nothing we can do except wait’

Marc Márquez got injured again, now with issues with diplopia (double vision) and it isn’t clear how the situation will turn out in the near future. We have confirmed news that Repsol Honda man will be absent, at least, from the first pre-season tests that will be happening this week at Jerez. Marc Márquez is diagnosed with diplopia after a crash in training days before the Algarve Moto GP. He is going to face a considerable recovery period that has already seen him miss the final two rounds of the season. He will be absent from this week’s test at Jerez. At Repsol Honda, team director Alberto Puig knows the situation is very complicated, but he wants to remain positive.

At a press conference, the official thought that it is a more complicated injury than if it were a bone, but given the medical indicators, he assured that there are enough signs to be optimistic – although it is crucial to give time. Alberto Puig, Honda’s team director, informed to the team conference that one can only hope and continue to work with the other riders, then providing Márquez with the best RC213V based on his latest statements. 

He says – For the pre-season test, we lost the chance, of course. Unfortunately, these things happen, and when they do there is very little we can do like a factory but wait. And that’s what we’re going to do – we acknowledge the value of this rider, the potential of it, and it’s nothing we have to try to explain. Honda will continue to work, trying to find a bike for the next one, and when the time comes, when it’s complete, we’ll give you the bike we think is our best selection of all the components and information we’ve gathered from other riders. We’re not going to do anything different but wait until Marc is back and fit.

They further added– This is an injury quite similar to the one he had in 2011 in Moto2 at Sepang. Of course, this isn’t a bone, it’s something I would say is more complicated, more fragile; you have to be calm and see how it turns out to be. It’s not very simple to know how the nerve of the eye might react, but the doctor was hopeful. What I said the most was that we have to be calm, since it’s not like when several riders crash, put on a board, and race in the next week. This is more critical, shall we say, and we need some time.

Puig commented: ‘Of course I want to be sure. I’m not a doctor, but I listen to what the doctor said and of course, we have to think positively. I think the key, and a very hard thing for us to do, is to be patient – ​​because patience is not in our sport. But that’s how it is and we expect he’s lucky and manages to get back to full form’.

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