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Bagnaia Plans To Use Rossi’s “Secret” in MotoGP, 2022

Ducati’s Francesco Bagnaia will try to enjoy the race weekends more in 2022, a secret of his mentor and MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi throughout his career.


In 2021, Bagnaia won four races and finished second behind Fabio Quartararo, losing the title to Ducati with just 26 points.


He secured his first win of the MotoGP career at the Argan Grand Prix against the six-time world champion Marc Marquez last September.  

In Autosport’s Tank Slappers Podcast, we heard him saying that this is the highlight of his 2021 season. He further revealed about the moment that made him realize that he should actually start enjoying every aspect of a race weekend.

He described his first win against Marc in the Argon as an incredible battle. After this moment, he started to enjoy the race weekend a lot. He said that he has to work and concentrate to enjoy the race every time. He even describes it as the secret of Vale, i.e., to enjoy every time you are riding.

He further adds that Aragon is something that has started in his mind and is always in his career, and he thinks that he needs to work on that and always be like that.

Rossi, the nine-time MotoGP world champion, ended his brilliant career in MotoGP at the end of the 2021 season.

 Bagnaia expects Rossi, who will be a title contender from the start in 2022, to be "very close to me" in this regard, but has not asked for additional help from Rossi, who will start his career in GT.

When asked about taking help from Rossi to be in a position to win the Championship, Bagnaia replied that he thinks that Rossi will either be very close to him in that situation or close to the rider that needs his help. He further says that he is their mentor and will surely help them all. Although it will not be easy as he will be indulged in his new work with the cars, he will be with us every time. 

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