Ducati GP23: A Contender in MotoGP Despite the Dominant GP24

Ducati GP23: A Contender in MotoGP Despite the Dominant GP24

The Ducati GP23 remains a formidable contender in the 2024 MotoGP season, even as the new GP24 dominates with riders like Francesco Bagnaia and Jorge Martin winning six of the first seven races. Despite the apparent performance gap highlighted at the Italian GP, where the GP24 secured the podium spots, factory riders believe the GP23 can still clinch victories.

Reigning champion Bagnaia notes the GP23's steep learning curve but emphasizes its competitiveness on various tracks, such as Mugello and Barcelona. Improved exhaust systems have brought the GP23 closer to the GP24's performance, suggesting a win is imminent.

Enea Bastianini, who struggled with injuries last year, agrees, stating the differences between the GP23 and GP24 are minimal. He backs Marc Marquez to secure a win on the GP23, highlighting the bike's potential.

Jorge Martin, the current championship leader, acknowledges some areas where the GP23 excels, particularly in handling changes of direction, despite the GP24's superior braking.

The 2023 season saw several Ducati riders achieve success on the year-old GP22, indicating the performance gap between consecutive models might not be as significant as perceived.

As the season progresses, the possibility of a GP23 victory remains high, showcasing Ducati's engineering prowess and the skill of its riders.


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