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Ducati's Jack Miller "heading in hungry" to the MotoGP season 2022

Post strong winter, Miller - MotoGP champion for three times concluded pre-season testing last year as a title candidate, but his 2021 campaign got off to a rocky start.


Despite winning twice last year, he only managed to finish fourth in the standings, 61 points behind colleague Francesco Bagnaia in second place.


Miller says he will not allow himself to "lapse in form" heading into this weekend's season-opening Qatar Grand Prix.


"I believe it's important to enter with a thought of come what may and not believing I will be the winner of this championship like I did last year," Miller said.


"As a result, it feels nice. I need to really keep my feet down, stay focused, and remember that we still have a long journey ahead of us.


"The season is extremely long; it appears like we will be having a more typical season with a bunch of many more races and travel."


"All that we have to do now is attempt to stay focused throughout the process; we can't really take our eyes off the ball."


"I feel it will be the most important component in preventing a mid-season  lapse or a difficult start, but like I've indicated, I've been incredibly busy throughout these testing sessions, completing roughly eighty laps every day,"


“I feel good, I'm in good shape and I'm ready for it”


There is some uncertainty over Ducati's position in the 2022 pecking order following a relatively low-key preseason testing phase, which saw Luca Marini on Ducati's VR46 GP22 in third place overall at the completion of the test in Indonesia.


Although this newest Ducati has received a lot of positive feedback from riders, the bike's rapid acceleration appears to be the most common issue.


Miller, on the other hand, believes "the Ducati will indeed be powerful" when the season begins this weekend in Qatar.


It will be silly not to look at Bastianini’s likes. He's been incredibly quick all through the test, Luca Marini has also been super quick.


“And the list continues. The field has been so crowded this year as well as previous few years that anyone may be the winner in Qatar.


“There is no doubt about the fact that Ducati will be of course tough and strong, however Qatar is an altogether different game”.


“My complete focus will be on what needs to be done, calmly. We only need to approach the weekend like any other just like last year”




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