"Francesco Bagnaia Talks New Ducati Bike: 2023 Handling 'Nervous' and 'More Aggressive' Than 2022 Model" - Virtus 70 Motoworks

"Francesco Bagnaia Talks New Ducati Bike: 2023 Handling 'Nervous' and 'More Aggressive' Than 2022 Model"

The MotoGP season is just around the corner, and the excitement is building as riders and teams prepare for the opening race. One of the riders who is generating a lot of buzz heading into the season is Francesco Bagnaia, who will be riding for the Ducati team in 2023. Bagnaia has been talking about his experience with the new Ducati bike, and he says that it is "nervous" and "more aggressive" than the 2022 MotoGP bike.

Bagnaia has been riding with the Ducati team since 2019, and he has been making steady progress in his MotoGP career. In 2022, he finished third in the championship, and he will be looking to build on that success in 2023. He will be riding the new Ducati bike, which has been designed to improve on the 2022 model.

Bagnaia has been testing the new bike during the off-season, and he has had some interesting things to say about it. In an interview, he said that the new bike is "nervous" and "more aggressive" than the 2022 model. This means that it will require a different approach from the rider, as it will be more demanding and challenging to handle.

The new Ducati bike has been designed to be more agile and responsive, with a shorter wheelbase and a more compact chassis. This will make it easier to maneuver around corners and take tight turns, but it will also make it more challenging to control at high speeds. Bagnaia says that the bike feels like it is "constantly on the edge," which means that he will have to be more alert and focused when riding it.

Despite the challenges of riding the new bike, Bagnaia is excited about the possibilities it presents. He believes that it will give him an edge over his rivals, as he will be able to push the bike to its limits and extract more performance from it. He is also confident that the Ducati team will be able to fine-tune the bike to his preferences, so that he can ride it to the best of his abilities.

Overall, Bagnaia's comments about the new Ducati bike are a sign of the fierce competition that is expected in the upcoming MotoGP season. With riders and teams pushing the limits of performance, every advantage counts, and Bagnaia will be looking to make the most of the new bike's capabilities. Fans will be eagerly watching to see how he performs in the opening races, and whether he can challenge for the championship.

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