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Gresini Racing : The First Team of MotoGP to Uncover 2022 bikes

Gresini Racing became the first MotoGP team in 2022 to reveal its new motorcycles after its partnership with Ducati.


The Veteran Italian team, which has been competing for full-time since 2002, after its first appearance in 1998, is going to make a comeback in 2022 as a fresh independent team after seven years of the Aprilia factory.


Last year in February, the team was rocked after the tragic loss of Fausto Gresini, a founder and team boss of Gresini.


Even though the team admitted that initially, they were not sure whether they are going to survive the loss, they continued with their plan for 2022 after Nadia Padovani, the wife of late Fausto Gresini took over the leadership.


Moreover, Gresini has signed a two-year deal with Ducati to field GP21s from this year and make a double MotoGP podium finisher Enea Bastianini, who comes from the non-coexisted Avintia squad and Moto2 graduate Fabio de Jianantonio participate the race.


On its launch day on Saturday morning, Gresini unroll its all-new color scheme, designed by Aldo Drudi, adorning its satellite Ducatis.


During the launch presentation, Padovani said they are finally presenting a project they believed in and one they have been working non-stop for during the last year. He further said that their being highly motivated made them the first MotoGP team to present themselves. He believes that their bikes are beautiful and hope that everyone will like them too.


He also remembered Fausto as he said that he is looking at them and feeling proud of his family.


He also said that they are a big family and do not discriminate between natural and work for families. He saw Digia and Enea’s enthusiasm to start the season. They are aiming at being among the protagonists and show up at the parc ferme sometimes.


Because of its MotoGP 2022 project, Gersini has reduced its presence in other classes by ending the Moto3 program.


Gresini, along with the brand's Pramac Racing team and the Valentino Rossi VR46 team, will be one of four teams launching Ducati cars in 2022 - which will take over the Avintia network.


Ducati CEO Gigi Dalina confirmed at the team presentation that Gersini will have the "full support" of the Ducati course in 2022.

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