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Honda Appeals Against Marc Marquez's Portugal MotoGP Penalty Carryover

Honda, the racing team for Marc Marquez, has lodged an appeal against the penalty carried over from the Portugal MotoGP in 2020. Marquez had received a 3-place grid penalty for causing a collision with KTM's Brad Binder in the previous race. However, due to a severe injury that kept Marquez out of action for the rest of the season, the penalty could not be served.

The appeal is based on the argument that the penalty should not have been carried over to the following season because the penalty was not served during the same season. Honda is seeking to have the penalty removed and the starting grid position of Marc Marquez reinstated.

The case is now with the FIM MotoGP Court of Appeals, which will determine the outcome of the appeal. If the appeal is successful, Marquez's starting grid position for the upcoming race will not be affected by the penalty.

This appeal has garnered significant attention from the MotoGP community, as Marquez is a well-known and accomplished rider. The outcome of the appeal could potentially have a significant impact on the rest of the season. Nevertheless, the final decision will be made by the MotoGP Court of Appeals, and all parties involved are awaiting their decision.

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