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It’s Official: Francesco Guidotti Is Now The New Team Manager Of KTM’s MotoGP Race

KTM has officially confirmed the news of Francesco Guidotti taking over the position of New Team Manager of the KTM’s MotoGP race. 

The former Pramac Ducati team manager is all set to take the place of the head of the Austrian Factory’s MotoGP team. 

He is replacing Mike Leitner, who has built and led the KTM team since its premier-class debut in 2016. He announced his surprise departure by “transitioning into a consultancy post.” 

KTM has decided to restructure its management after losing the trio the previous season. It was a really very disappointing campaign of 2021 for them.  Although Miguel Oliviera and Brad Binder won the race this year, Binder’s victory was a brave slick-in-the-rain gamble instead of a pure pace. 

Not a single KTM rider completed the race in the top six positions during the 9 of the 18 rounds as well as the last six events in a row. Although the Binders finished sixth in the World Championship, they were only one rung behind the Spargaro Bridge plant last season.

Talking about Guidotti, he was commanding the Pramac Ducati since 2012 and even enjoyed their best ever season in 2021 with Johann Zacro being in the first position of the World Championship. On the other hand, the rookie-teammate Jorge Martin secured the team’s first Ducati win. 

The eight podiums of Pramac also help in gaining the title of Independent team. Before Pramac, Guidotti used to work at Apriliafor four years with KTM’s 125 or 250 GP projects.

Also, before arriving at KTM earlier this year, Guidotti will be rejoining Fabiano Sterlacchini, who spent 17 years at Ducati.  

Guidotti said that he has been the team manager for KTM from 2006-09 and then grabbed the opportunity to experience another valuable series before coming back to MotoGP. He further says that he is happy to complete the circle. 

He further adds that KTM has always been ambitious and hungry with its racing campaigns, and so does MotoGP. He says that what KTM has achieved in a very short time is incredible. However, there is much they have to do. 

He is happy to be back and become a part of this big push to achieve more success. 

KTM motorsport director Pit Beier is highly obliged to have Francesco back in their team. He says that Guidotti is familiar with their culture and the technique to go racing at KTM. 

He further said that the team is thinking of freshening up the management structure and they feel that the inputs and ideas of Francesco will give a new momentum to their sixth season on the grid. 

He says that working with people like Francesco, Fabiano Sterlacchini, Hervé Poncharal, Jens Hainbach, and Aki Ajo will provide them with the best leadership, and help them move ahead and make milestones for the MotoGP company. 

The move from Guidotti means Pramac Ducati is moving to Suzuki in need of a new team manager for the 2022 season.

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