Johann Zarco on Honda's 2024 MotoGP Challenges: Finding Solutions Amidst Struggles

Johann Zarco on Honda's 2024 MotoGP Challenges: Finding Solutions Amidst Struggles

Despite extensive modifications to its motorcycle for the 2024 season, Honda has struggled to make significant headway into the top ranks after two rounds of the campaign. The best result achieved by a Honda rider so far is a 12th position, secured by Joan Mir in Portugal and Johann Zarco in Qatar.

Following a challenging Portuguese Grand Prix where he finished in 15th place, Zarco expressed frustration over Honda's inability to find setup solutions that effectively suit the bike.

"I have a lot of faith in Honda, and I see the team working tirelessly. However, we're still in the process of identifying what works best for the bike," Zarco stated. "While we haven't pinpointed the ideal setup yet, each mile we cover provides valuable insight into what doesn't work, which ultimately propels us forward."

Reflecting on his performance at the Portuguese GP, Zarco expressed disappointment in his inability to achieve a satisfying feeling with the bike. "This weekend didn't meet my expectations. I gained valuable experience, but I struggled to find a sense of satisfaction," he explained. "While I enjoyed being able to compete, once my rivals picked up the pace, I found it challenging to keep up."

While Mir's riding style has been lauded by his Honda counterparts for delivering better pace, Zarco believes that attempting to emulate Mir's style may not be beneficial for him. "Our riding styles differ, so it's more about building confidence for me," Zarco noted. "While my approach seemed effective in Qatar, enabling me to control the situation and pick up speed towards the end, I struggled to replicate that success in Portugal."

"I had hoped to control the race here and conserve my tire for a final push, similar to what Mir achieved in Qatar. However, I found myself pushing hard throughout the race, leaving nothing in reserve for the end," Zarco concluded, emphasizing the challenges he faced during the event.

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