Kazakhstan drops out of 2023 MotoGP calendar due to logistical and financial difficulties

According to a report by Motorsport.com, the organizers of the Kazakh Grand Prix have announced that the event will not feature on the 2023 MotoGP calendar. The decision has been made due to logistical and financial difficulties, as well as uncertainties caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Kazakhstan was set to host its first MotoGP race in 2023, with the brand new Astana International Circuit being built specifically for the event. However, the project has faced several setbacks, with construction delays and budget constraints hampering progress.

The cancellation of the Kazakh Grand Prix is a blow to MotoGP's expansion plans, as the sport has been looking to add new venues to its calendar in recent years. Kazakhstan was seen as a promising market for MotoGP, with a growing fan base and a strong interest in motorsport.

The 2023 MotoGP calendar is yet to be finalized, but it is expected to feature 20 races across the globe. The loss of Kazakhstan will leave a gap in the schedule, but the organizers are reportedly exploring other options to fill the slot.

MotoGP fans will be disappointed to hear the news, as the Kazakh Grand Prix promised to be an exciting addition to the calendar. However, the decision to cancel the event highlights the challenges facing organizers in the current climate, and the need to prioritize safety and financial stability.

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