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Marc Marquez Gets His Arm Broken Only To Be Set Straight

Marc Marquez, the six-time MotoGP champion, had broken his right at the beginning of the MotoGP season in 2020. To make matters worse, it happened at the season-opening race at the Spanish Grand Prix. Marquez had to miss the entire season of 2020 as he had to go into surgery three times during the entire year.

These operations left him with a right humerus that has rotated over 30 degrees from its original state. This had been a major hindrance for the Spanish rider as he could make his return in the 2021 MotoGP only after two rounds. 

He became the champion three times with the broken arm in the 2022 MotoGP. In spite of that, Marquez felt he had to set things right. Thus, the riding legend decided to have his bone rebroken and set in its original position. This made him miss six straight rounds from the 2022 season after the Italian GP.

Things Look To Be Getting Better

When he did return to Aragorn in September however, the surgery seemed to have done its job. Marquez finished with a pole position in the Japan GP and scored a podium finish at the Australian GP. Australia also proved to be his 100th career podium finish. Significantly, he finished the season 57 points ahead of the next-best Honda rider.

Speaking to in an exclusive interview, Marquez however stated that he has to accept the limitations that his broken arm would impose on his performance. This, despite the fact that he was performing better and was physically fitter than he was, back in 2020!

"Of course, many times you think a lot of things about your arm," he said. "And many times, it's difficult to realize sometimes or admit that you have this injury."

Learning To Live With Things

Marquez further states that one must learn to live with things, "But, in the end you must say, 'OK, this is what I have'. It's true that I had the fourth surgery, it's true that an arm that has been opened four times will never be a normal arm, because you have some limitations."

"But then you need to accept those limitations, try to compensate with your body, with different things."

The legendary MotoGP rider states outright that he hasn't been thinking much about the injury. Rather he has been concentrating on how to manage it and adapt to it.

Marquez Things The Decision Was Right

When asked about his decision to get a fourth operation and miss more races in the process, Marquez states that he is satisfied with his decision. Moreover, the racer comments that he couldn't possibly face another winter of recovery.

"For me, looking at this season, the sentence is this: I chose the correct decision, because one option was to finish the season and let's see," he adds.

Thus, Marquez feels that he made the correct decision to have his arm broken again and then set straight. 

"For the future, we will see if I have enough power, enough strength, enough possibilities to fight for the championship. Life is better, coming in a normal way."

Only time will tell if the six-time MotoGP champion and his now-repaired arm stand up to the competition in the coming seasons.

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