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Marc Marquez is all Set To Take An “Important Step” in His Recovery Through Physiotherapy: MotoGP

Six-time MotoGP winner, Marc Marquez, has made up his mind to progress towards another stage of recovery after getting a green signal from a six-week check-up.


He is going to start his physiotherapy and cardio training soon with the intention to make a drastic comeback in MotoGP. He underwent a right arm surgery fourth time since 2020.


According to the statement given by Repsol Honda, six weeks after undergoing surgery on the right arm, Marquez has gone through the next post-operative check at the Ruber International Hospital in Madrid. The medical team, including Dr. Joaquin Sánchez Sotelo, Dr. Samuel Antuña, and Dr. Angel Cotorro, are highly satisfied with the development of his right humerus. Hence, he is cleared to move towards his next stage of recovery and begin physiotherapy and cardio training.


Although he has missed five races this season, a tally that continues to grow in the second half of the season shows him Honda’s highest placed rider in the championship. Moreover, signing a contract with Repsol Honda until the end of 2024, his MotoGP future will likely depend on how well he recovers from his recent stint of racing.


Addressing his situation, he said that he had taken an “important step” in his recovery. During the second checkup, the doctors confirmed about appropriate consolidation of the humerus. Hence, it is the perfect time to start with physiotherapy on the right arm as well as cardio training.


He further added that he is very excited concerning the recovering mobility of his right arm and thanked the entire medical team for providing the best treatment and atte
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