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Marc Marquez Is Back On Track At Portimao And Has Began Preparing For His MotoGP Comeback

Marc Marquez is all set to get back on the MotoGP track and has begun his comeback preparations by completing laps at Portimao on a Honda RC213V-S. 

The six-time MotoGP champion, Marc Marquez was out of action due to a concussion in a Motocross training incident that occurred in November. This incident triggered a return of a double vision or diplopia, which he earlier had in 2011 after a Moto2 crash.


When he missed the final two rounds of the MotoGP 2021 campaign and the post-season test last week, he was asked to return for motorcycling training. However, he opts for a motocross outing.


After this move, Marquez faced the media during Honda’s 2022 racing presentation last Friday when he admitted to his doctor that he is unaware of the time his recovery will take. But, when he was told that he would not require surgery, he received a boost.


Marquez, who is facing his second serious injury in years after sustaining a serious fracture of his arm in the opening MotoGP 2020, said on Friday he aims to finish the day at the Grand Prix to earn a "100". He said that he is sure that he will be stable and ready for a normal season by the time pre-season starts.


The news of him completing the track at Portimao, the Portuguese GP venue, was duly announced via Marquez’s factory Honda MotoGP’s social media channels on Sunday.


The post says, “Out for a Sunday ride. Marc Marquez is back on track riding the RC213V-S as he continues to further assess his condition ahead of the 2022 season.”


Marquez will continue to follow the advice of his doctors after his Portimao track day to get confirmation whether he is perfectly fit to participate in MotoGP pre-season test in Sepang scheduled on 5-6 January.


During the interaction with the media last Friday, Marc Marquez said that he is riding the bike just because he has a perfect vision. But, at this moment, he is following the advice of his doctors. He further said that his doctor wants to see whether he is able to ride the GP circuit, a test with multiple laps, at a high speed alone and does not face any problem after getting tired.


He further adds that both he and his doctor want to evaluate all these things before allowing him to participate in the Malaysia test.


Marquez finished seventh in the 2021 season with three rebounds after an arm injury kept him out of the 2020 season.


Despite losing four races and losing four more, he finished 42 points clear of Honda's top rider, Paul Espargaro's team
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