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Marc Marquez to Leave Honda?

Alex Marquez, younger brother to MotoGP racer Marc Marquez has stated sensationally that his elder brother will leave Honda if they fail to develop a title-winning bike. According to Alex, Marc is already livid with the previous 2022 season and his mood hasn't changed much since then. According to sources, Marc is not happy working with Honda for the next 2023 season.

Alex, the younger brother of the Marquez duo, has already left LCR Honda and will appear for the 2023 MotoGP in Ducati's colors. This move will become even more crucial for Ducati if they can seduce Marc too into their camp.

The postseason test in Valencia suddenly separated the two brothers. Alex seemed to be just too happy with his debut for Ducati whereas Marc was left dumbfounded. This was primarily due to the absence of any development on his 2023 Repsol Honda prototype bike.

Marc Unhappy With Valencia PostSeason Test

Alex told La Gazzetta that even though the two brothers were in the car together, they didn't speak a word to each other about the Valencia test. Alex said that Marc was angry at his team. When Alex asked him if he had tried new things, Marc replied that he had but nothing seemed to work.

Alex further stated to Marc that Ducati was different and that though Marc is his brother, Alex wants to beat him.

Till now, the legendary Marc Marquez has won six MotoGP championships, but he needs one more in the camp to equal Rossi's record of seven. To do that, Marquez needs to defeat his limitations as well as his bike. Marquez has suffered several injuries in the recent past and remains unable to exert his fullest effort.

Honda's Worst Year Ever At MotoGP


Meanwhile, Honda has suffered what may be its worst year in MotoGP. The 2022 season was terrible for Honda, as the team endured their first premier-class race in 40 years without a single point to their name. Somehow, as if a miracle, Marc Marquez was still the one in the Honda team with the highest points. This is remarkable since Marquez had to miss a huge part of the season due to a surgery he had to undergo.

Thus, keeping everything in consideration, Alex said," I think that if Honda makes the steps forward it has to make, Marc will [not] leave… Because it's the team he's always raced with, that waited for him and respected him when he got injured. But if the bike is not the one for the world championship, then it will be possible."


Everything is Not Right With Honda


There is already a cold war ongoing within the Honda camp, over the matter of Alex's experience.

"I needed a change, staying would have meant dying," he said. "I know I have a fast bike [with Ducati]. And this is important for a rider. Then, what will happen will depend on the right wrist."

Alex further stated that his three years with Honda were difficult ones. "Especially the last one. It is not easy for a rider to ride the same bike from Qatar to Valencia. The same! If a bike is competitive, okay, but if you have a lot of problems, doing 20 races like this is tough. "

Thus, Alex Marquez says that watching other racers and teams improve becomes even more difficult then.

Moreover, Honda didn't give any severance once he announced that he was moving on to Gresini Ducati.

"I received nothing. I'm not saying they didn't work, but they didn't work the way Honda should."

Ducati A Better Experience, Says Alex Marquez

On the other hand, once Alex began talks with Ducati legend Gigi Dall'Igna, he felt more than welcome. This became a deciding factor for Alex and he thinks that making the shift has been the right thing to do.

"Honestly it was the best thing: in Valencia, he came to the garage, he introduced me to his team, and he wanted to have a meeting," Alex said.

"Before I arrived in the garage, I found my technician and that's it. There were those from LCR, not Honda.”

Alex says that the Ducati method took him by surprise.

Looking Back At Honda, Alex Marquez

About his time at Honda, Alex said that the first year, he felt very important. This was more because they tried everything they had previously tried on Jorge Lorenzo. Somehow it seemed to work for him as well.

"I had grown up, I did two podiums, but when they put me in LCR I felt lonely and unimportant. From Honda, not from the team, with whom I have always had a great relationship."

Thus, only time will tell if the elder brother decides to change camps as well. If he does, Honda might be in for some unsettling days ahead.


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