Marquez Recovers From Surgery Through Physiotherapy and Cardio Training

According to the announcement made by Honda MotoGP Squad, Marc Marquez has progressed further in recovering from arm surgery via physiotherapy and cardio training.


Last month, Marc Marquez has to endure a complicated and evasive operation on his right arm. It was said to be his fourth surgery after badly breaking his arm during a crash in the 2020 Spanish Grand Prix. Because of the injury, he struggled a lot to come back into the game with complete fitness and mobility.


The surgery took place at the beginning of June at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. The procedure was three hours long and was overseen by Dr. Sanchez Sotelo, who was the head of the shoulder and elbow surgery in the clinic.


After six weeks from the operation, Marquez underwent another check-up and came clean to start the program of physiotherapy and cardio training before another medical review in the next six weeks.


Concerning to the treatment, Dr. Sanchez Sotela said that the medical checkup carried out on Marc Marquez after six weeks of his right arm surgery showed an appropriate clinical and radiological evolution. This helps them to progress further in terms of mobility and strength recovery program. Marquez is also expected to go through another review within the next six weeks.


Moreover, although there is no full recovery timeframe given for Marquez and his comeback in MotoGP, he might miss the remaining 2022 season.


Earlier this season, Marquez made six starts but missed both the Indonesian and Argentinian rounds after suffering from a vision problem due to a drastic crash in Mandalika. Yet, he managed to remain in fourth place in Jerez.


Later, he decided to go through surgery at the Mayo Clinic after receiving a green light from his doctors. He said that he had taken a crucial step in the recovery process. Moreover, in his second check-up, the doctors confirmed that the humerus is consolidating correctly. Therefore, they can effortlessly conduct physiotherapy and cardio training on the right arm.


He further showcases his excitement about being able to recover mobility in the arm and to continue advancing the recovery process. He also thanked the entire medical team for his treatment and attention. 

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