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Marquez’s Return To MotoGP Is Going To Be Different

At this weekend’s Argon Grand Prix, fans will see Marquez return for the third time following recovery from the arm injury he suffered at Jerez in July 2020. It is expected that he has learned from his past mistakes and will attempt the race in a better way.


From the moment he suffered his injury to his initial comeback, his life has been a pain-riddled nightmare. The operation on the arm, getting bone infection that makes him stay at the hospital for a long time and conducting a bone graft from the pelvis to stabilize it have all been worth it. Eventually, he will return to action this season.


He seemed to have returned to his old ways with three wins. However, a separate secondary injury ended his 2021 season after an injury he sustained while training ten years ago meant his double vision problem was back.


But a cautious return to racing in 2021 was a sign that something had changed. It's that his career-ending injury has taught him (and many rivals) a lesson to get back to before you're ready.


And while many will once again wonder if this weekend is the right time to return, any decision he's made regarding his recent surgical procedure is something other than medium- to long-term thinking. It is challenging to claim by whom it was determined.


Things weren't good when he returned to total health in early 2022. The former champion looked unfamiliar with the bike and held his handlebars at an unusual angle. As a result, he never found his former dominant speed.


Although this was initially dismissed as a lack of physical strength more than anything else, an explosive announcement followed at the Italian Grand Prix in May: his arm had not healed adequately, and a decisive final surgery was required. To allow him to live painless life every day or to end his entire MotoGP career in no time.


This is because the last time the bone healed completely (after infection and transplant), it did so at an angle. Huge 34º offset from where it should be. Marquez's unnatural posture on the bike was not stiffness or weakness but a completely severed bone.


An operation in the US has brought her back to the right place, and now she can recover naturally.


More than 100 days since his last MotoGP race, last week's two-day test in Misano was a big journey for Marquez and his first chance in nearly four months to verify he had a MotoGP companion bike.


Everything went well. Marquez completed 100 laps in two days, and the final decision to return to Aragon depended on how he felt in the days after the fatigue.


It's going well because he'll be racing this weekend, but that's only with the absolute opinion of his doctors and physiotherapists. Still, a long way to go to get back to his old level. He now has at least six races with the best form of fitness available.


Before the beginning of 2023, we do not expect miracles from him. However, it is also not correct that his return from injury is any form of insanity. Instead, it is a decision made by a different person and is expected to be paid off.

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