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Marquez’s Return To Motorcycle Training: The Latest Recovery Step

Following Marquez’s recent recovery assessment, his Honda MotoGP squad has announced his return to Motorcycle training.


After making a comeback as a spectator to the MotoGP paddock during the Austrian Grand Prix, the MotoGP world champion, Marquez, is all set to intensify his training for his return.


Following his recent assessment after his right arm surgery, he was allowed to add more weight and various exercises to his training. He was even allowed to ride a motorcycle to assess the condition of his right arm.


In the statement released by Honda, Marquez’s surgeon, Dr. Sanchez Sotelo, says that he has the opportunity to evaluate Marc Marquez concerning his surgical procedure performed by Mayo Clinic. Fortunately, Marz Marquez has gained a rigorous arc of motion and has incredible muscular recovery. The radiographs and CT conducted that day also showed a complete bone union.


In 2020, Marquez underwent the fourth crucial operation on the right arm after having a severe fracture. Therefore, he rode his previous comebacks across 2021 and the beginning of 2022 with significant discomfort and a weakened arm.


Although there is no ideal time when Marquez will return to the track, he and Honda ensure that he is fine to race at the end of the season. The latest update about him talked about his appearance during the Austrian Grand Prix last weekend.


During the Red Bull Ring, he addressed the matter by saying that he is conscious of how significant this rehabilitation is for him. Therefore, he had to wait for one more week, he will wait.


He also said that if he feels 70-80 percent fine in riding a MotoGP bike in a more or less good way, he will come back because, according to him, the last part of rehabilitation is to be on a motorcycle. He cannot wait to make it 100 percent to ride a bike.
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