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Marquez Still Has a Chance of Stirring the Title Race Up

MotoGPTM's Official Podcast discusses the Indonesian Grand Prix, as well as what's in store for Marc Marquez - the world champion for whopping eight times.


World championships, that too for eight times cannot be accomplished without taking on progressively difficult challenges and driving yourself to the absolute limits.


The catch is that riding on the edge, or on the limit will expose you to moments like what Marquez had experienced during the crash in Warm Up session in Indonesia. Due to the concussion he suffered after the crash, the Repsol Honda rider was taken out of the Indonesian Grand Prix.


Post this, now on his journey to recovery, Marquez is diagnosed with diplopia - “double vision”, most likely putting him out for another race. Last On The Brakes - the official MotoGP podcast had discussions in the wake of the Spaniard’s double vision diagnosis. The podcast was streamed live on Twitch. Simon Crafar from New Zealand, who is a premier class winner and also seasons' Pitlane Reporter, joined discussions with weekly hosts to discuss what makes Marquez the man he is.


Crafar expressed his love for Marquez's riding style. “He is fantastic. It’s about how intensely he pushes himself. It’s so great to watch him working and looking for even the smallest bit everywhere.” - he added.


“Marc got caught out because he was riding the bike which was not designed for him and he hadn't ridden it since long. Perhaps more than anybody else, he pushes the envelope to its extreme, which is why he was caught off guard. I admire how hard he pushes it, and I believe after combating diplopia and getting back to his normal vision, he will continue to shake up the Championship on his new bike. It would be no shock for me if he returns and continues to battle for the title. I would never wish for him to come to a halt!"


Marc Marquez’s incident including the fantastic winnings by Miguel Oliveira and Darryn Binder was among the main topics discussed in the podcast. It is available on twitch for you to watch.

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