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Mir's focus on Ducati: a cause for concern or just a distraction?

Joan Mir, the reigning MotoGP champion, has recently revealed that he has been "thinking more about Ducati" than about his own teammate, Marc Marquez. Mir, who rides for Suzuki, has been linked to Ducati for a possible future move, although he has a contract with Suzuki until the end of 2022. His comments have sparked some debate among MotoGP fans and experts, who wonder whether Mir's attention to Ducati could affect his performance in the current season or his relationship with Marquez.

On the one hand, it is not unusual for riders to consider their options for the future, especially if they are approaching the end of their contract or if they have received offers from other teams. Mir is no exception, and he has stated that he wants to stay in MotoGP for a long time, but that he also wants to have a competitive bike that can allow him to fight for more titles. Ducati, which has won three championships in the last decade with Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo, and Andrea Dovizioso, is one of the most successful teams in MotoGP and has a reputation for building fast and aggressive bikes. It is understandable that Mir would be interested in joining such a team, especially if Suzuki cannot offer him the same level of support or development.

On the other hand, some argue that Mir's fixation on Ducati could distract him from his main task, which is to defend his title and beat his rivals, including Marquez, who has returned to racing after a long absence due to injuries. Mir and Marquez have a history of clashes on the track, with the latter accusing the former of blocking him in a qualifying session last year. While they have not openly criticized each other, their rivalry could intensify if they are both fighting for the same positions or if one of them is seen as a potential threat to the other's chances of winning. If Mir is not fully focused on his current bike and team, he could lose valuable points or suffer from mechanical failures or crashes that could harm his reputation or his morale.

So, is Mir's focus on Ducati a cause for concern or just a distraction? The answer is not simple, as it depends on how Mir manages his thoughts and emotions. If he can use his interest in Ducati as a motivator to push himself and his team to improve, and if he can keep a healthy balance between his present and his future, then he could benefit from his curiosity and ambition. However, if he becomes too obsessed with Ducati and neglects his duties as a Suzuki rider, then he could jeopardize his career and his relationships. The key is to find a way to channel his energy and his goals in a constructive and positive direction, without losing sight of the bigger picture.

In conclusion, Mir's thinking more about Ducati than about Marquez is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as he uses it wisely and responsibly. MotoGP is a highly competitive and unpredictable sport, and riders need to be adaptable and resilient to succeed. Mir has already proven that he has the talent and the tenacity to win, and he has the potential to become a legend in his own right. Whether he stays with Suzuki or moves to Ducati, or any other team, will depend on many factors, including his own preferences, his team's resources, and the market demand. But one thing is certain: he will always be remembered as a champion who dared to dream and who worked hard to make his dreams come true.

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