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MotoGP Introduces Sprint Races: What You Need to Know

Are you curious about the new sprint races in MotoGP? Here's all you need to know!

MotoGP has introduced sprint races to its format, which will take place on Saturday afternoons at selected events during the season. These races will be much shorter than the traditional Grand Prix races, lasting just 10 laps.

The sprint race will determine the starting grid for Sunday's main event, with the top finishers earning grid positions in the front row. The remaining positions will be determined based on the riders' qualifying times from Friday.

Only the top nine riders from Friday's practice sessions will be eligible to participate in the sprint race. The rest of the grid will be determined by the combined practice times from Friday.

The sprint race will offer championship points, with the winner earning three points, second place earning two, and third place earning one. This means that riders will have an extra opportunity to gain points towards the championship.

The first sprint race will take place at the Grand Prix of Great Britain in August, with two more to follow at yet-to-be-determined events later in the season.

Overall, the sprint races promise to add an exciting new element to the MotoGP season.

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