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MotoGP Lingo Explained- Part 1

An ultimate guide to understanding some slangs used in Grand Prix racing. 

The latest season of the MotoGP chapter might have ended. However, there is another one coming in the year 2022. And the new season brings a lot of new fans eager to experience the wonderful and thrilling world of Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing.

However, MotoGP has now become a very tech-ridden sport because of which new viewers are getting confused by some words and phrases used in it. Therefore, we have gathered a few of the most used slang and created the article in three parts to explain to you the meaning of each one of them.


Here, Apex is considered a point closest to the inside corner. When the biker hits the apex, he tends to minimize the steering lock, increase the throttle, and focus on exiting the corner as soon as possible.


MotoGP manufacturers are allowed to have new aerodynamic packages every year. Additionally, they can also upgrade once throughout the session. However, the upgrades are solely for the riders and not for the team or factories. The four aerodynamic chassis are a front fairing, which includes wings, a rear-wheel with spoon and hub cap, a front fender and a front fork, and a seat unit.


Riders have to wear rare suits having airbags equipped in them. It is beneficial when riders experience crashes or big moments during the race. The airbags open up around the collarbone or shoulder area, thereby protecting them from severe injury.


You might hear this lingo mostly when the rider uses the back brake of his motorcycle while entering the corner. This action helps them in sliding their rear tire.


The phrase “Behind the Bubble” is used mostly for the rider who is tucked in riding in a straight line.


Biting the screen is used for the rider who is visibly seen working hard and pushing further than its absolute limit.


The brake disc is the rotating part of the wheel’s disc brake assembly. It is usually those brakes against which the brake pads are applied.


A box is basically an instruction the team gives to the rider through a pit board or dashboard, asking him to enter the pitlane and the garbage immediately at the next possible chance.


Cold tyres refer to less grip or performance. Since it can result in a crash, it is always suggested to avoid cold tyres while pushing for a lap.


A dry track is considered a Dry Race. The race is declared red-flagged for Moto2 and Moto3 riders if it begins raining. During situations like rain or flag-to-flag commence, riders have to continue with the race.


ECU is the acronym for Electronic Control Unit. This is the brain of the bike that is used in almost every MotoGP bike. With the help of ECU, teams can change multiple settings like traction control, wheelie control, engine braking, and more. 


The fairing is the outer body shell of the bike that is made of carbon fiber. It comprises the color of the team and different sponsor logos.


The phrase Flag to Flag is used to describe a race that starts dry and becomes wet simultaneously. The condition allows riders to come in their pitlane and switch to the bike that has different tyres and that fits well according to the track conditions.


Front Forks connects the front wheel of the bike to its frame and encompasses the front suspension.


Keep up with us to get a view of the second part of this article!


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