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MotoGP Malaysia: Cal Crutchlow says The Cameras Should Have Been On Us, With 10 Riders Going Crazy!

The TV cameras may have been focused on Sunday's MotoGP race in Malaysia and the battle for the world title, but Cal Crutchlow knew there was plenty of intense action to come as it progressed.


Crutchlow started the final event of his unexpected six-race MotoGP return, survived a scare at Turn 2, and finished the opening lap in 14th place.


This moved the Englishman two places behind RNF Yamaha teammate Darryn Binder, who dropped from 24th and the final to 12th, setting the tone for a no-holds-barred fight.


He said that it was mental there. However, it was fun as they were in a big battle. He said that the cameras should be in their battle as he is unaware of the collapsing wings. However, there were ten including him going completely mad.


He made a good start but the Turn 2 went like Jack was in yesterday’s battle. Although he lost a few positions, he managed to stay on, which he felt was okay. But, when he saw Darren coming from nowhere and riding like a wild man, he was shocked.


He was in great condition, so he drove well. The problem was that the group began to divide. He was leading their group and lost the group ahead of them, but behind them, there were some really good riders like Aleix, Zarco, and Jack.


They lost 8 to ten seconds riding like idiots. They also lost four places in the lap. Although with all the fun, it was scrapping, they were holding each other up.


At one point, he felt everyone to leave him alone. He said to ride around happy instead of getting blasted with bullets. It was 12th place for Crutchlow (out of 19 finalists), his best result since retiring as a full-time MotoGP rider - and signing as a Yamaha test rider in late 2020.


He feels that he is competitive, but not at the front, week in, and week out. He is not stupid. He retired two years old for this reason. You begin going slower at one point in your career.


Earlier in the weekend, Crutchlow delighted the RNF team at home with a spot on the dry track for the fastest run in Free Practice 2.


Team Manager Wilco Zeelenberg said that Cal did a great race. Considering the boys who finished behind them, he is very impressive.


Crutchlow has ten points in his five races so far, which puts him two points behind rookie Bender (who finished on Sunday, May 16).


Sunday's race provided further evidence that Yamaha needs to make its 2023 car more battle-competitive rather than just fresh air.


Other riders are getting their fair share of time before the finale in Valencia, but after five races in six weeks, Crutchlow has taken part in private testing at Jerez to continue Yamaha's development for 2023.


The new engine, especially the much-needed engine upgrade, impressed both the Quartaro and Morbidelli in their first test at Misano in September.


Crutchlow said the new bike has already gone through 'Phase 4' development with the Yamaha testing team, and there are still options as to which version to target.

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