Navigating the MotoGP Chessboard: Ducati Dilemma and Marquez's Next Move

Navigating the MotoGP Chessboard: Ducati Dilemma and Marquez's Next Move

Renowned team boss Livio Suppo analyzes the significant challenge facing Gigi Dall'Igna and the new Sporting Director, Mauro Grasselli, this season. With Pecco Bagnaia, Jorge Martin, and Marc Marquez in their lineup, Ducati faces the daunting task of managing three strong personalities vying for the title in 2024.

As the contracts of almost every MotoGP™ rider expire, Ducati not only gears up for the 2024 World Championship but also faces a pivotal year in the rider market. Livio Suppo, drawing from his experiences with Ducati, Honda, and Suzuki, anticipates a fierce competition for a coveted seat amid a busy 2024 schedule.

While Ducati aims to secure Bagnaia, Suppo foresees a tight race for the remaining factory team spot. The potential emergence of competitive rivals could further complicate decisions, possibly hastening the market's activity. Suppo speculates on the dynamics, suggesting that Marc Marquez's choice could be influenced by his assessment of competitors' performance.

In essence, Suppo leaves the door open for Marquez's return to Honda, considering the amicable split and the strong ties that persist between Marc and his former team. The unfolding season promises intrigue and strategic decisions for both Ducati and Marquez.

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