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Quartararo is Quick and Ready, but the M1 is Pushed to its Limits, a 'Horror' MotoGP Racing Simulation?

Fabio Quartararo was one of the fastest in terms of racing pace as well as time attack at the final pre-season test of MotoGP which was held in Mandalika, but he believes that with the latest Yamaha, he has surpassed the limits.


At the end of the pre-season testing of the year 2022 held in Indonesia’s Mandalika, Fabio Quartararo - the reigning MotoGP champion portrayed a somewhat mixed image.


Despite a dismal top speed deficit, assessed by Quartararo to be unchanged from last year at 9km/h, the Monster Yamaha rider was rated fifth, fourth, and afterwards second on the end-of-day timecards.


This was regardless of the fact that he felt he wasn't getting enough time on fresh tyres as compared to the old rubber.  Quartararo was also towards the top of many people's lists when it came to the all-important race speed, or average lap duration.


On the second day, the talented Frenchman characterized his pace on old tyres as "super-fast," an honor he wanted to prove on the last day during the race simulation.


"As the situation allows, I will be simulating a race or a long run the day after. I won't be doing all 27 circuits, but I'll do about 15-20 laps. I believe it will be rapid, but we'll have to wait and see." He stated on Saturday.


On the final day, the young Fabio completed a race simulation of 18 laps utilizing the medium rear tyre that will be used for the race weekend next month.


Things start to get more difficult at this point.


Quartararo's average lap time for the 18 circuits was 1m 33.155s, eliminating a slow 1m 47s near the finish. During these simulations, this record was faster than almost everyone else.


Later during the day, many riders, notably the factory Ducatis, made the long runs when the track was slower and temperatures were higher. However, it came as a shock to hear Quartararo subsequently describing this simulation as " nightmare."


"We were informed about the non-availability of soft tyres for the race, so we as a team decided to go on with medium tyres," he revealed.


“"For the race simulation, we decided with the team to go with the medium tyre because they claimed the soft tyre would not be here for the race," Quartararo revealed.


"The back tire felt awful because of which the simulation could not reach my levels of satisfaction”


"With ten laps, I managed a 31.6 this afternoon, that too with the rear tyre, so I believe it's extremely nice. I think we did a fantastic job, we adjusted well to the bike, and our pace is impressive. As a result, I believe we took a positive stride forward in the afternoon."


"We are delighted with Fabio's racing pace as well as time attack," said Massimo Meregalli, the team director.


However, according to Quartararo, there isn't much more that can be squeezed out of the present M1 package.


"I personally reached my limit, despite the fact that my lap time had improved noticeably." Despite the fact that I was satisfied, I continued to push myself as I never felt like I was reaching the maximum production levels.”


"But let's wait and see. Qatar will be a different scenario, but I can assure you that I am 100 percent committed ""I'm prepared."


When asked about reaching the limits with this year’s M1, he said “I really do not know where we can make improvements, honestly. It's difficult to locate more when you begin to feel the front going everywhere, the back whirling at maximum speed, and you're touching your elbow all over everything.”


To me what really matters and moved me is the fact that teams including Yamaha are working really hard to make me feel less constrained about the limits. "To be honest, keeping up with this speed necessitates a push - a thorough, continuous push.


At the end of the day, it is something that every rider out there is pushing themselves to do, but it's indeed very difficult for us."


The apparent fear for Quartararo is that the little refined 2022 Yamaha will be competing against heavily modified new Honda and Ducati bikes, which are expected to be well beyond their current limits.


LCR Honda's Takaaki Nakagami was significantly fastest in terms of average speed on the final day during race simulation.


Pol Espargaro who was the fastest during a single lap, and Marc Marquez did not participate in race simulation on the final day, although their average pace appeared to be second to Quartararo.


Honda riders, almost all of them have an incredibly fast pace" Quartararo confirmed. See Pol; he's the best, or close to it, for me." Marc [Marquez] is extremely quick, as is Alex [Marquez], and Taka created an excellent race simulation.

As a result, the four Hondas are extremely fast. And you can see that the bike is performing differently."


After a late flying lap, Quartararo's teammate Franco Morbidelli was seventh on the timesheets. Although the Italian did not run a race simulation, Chris Pike ranked him tenth in terms of average speed.



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