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Reasons For 2022 MotoGP Season’s Bittersweet Ending

Reasons For 2022 MotoGP Season’s Bittersweet Ending - Virtus 70 Motoworks

Francesco Bagnaia won the championship after 15 years and ended the pain of Ducati in Valencia. However, according to Lewis Duncan, this final victory was sad for the departing Suzuki team.


MotoGP’s last fifth round was quite tense even after knowing the outcome. Although Francesco Bagnaia ended the 15 years of pain for Ducati, emotions were high for the Italian marque. It was the final victory for a departing Japanese rival. So, the campaign concluded with sadness.


MotoGP has done its best to conclude the 2022 season. But some believed that the championship fight would take place some other way than Ducati and Francesco Bagnaia. Still, Ricardo Tormo of the circuit was engulfed in tension and anticipation for the remaining 30 minutes until the light disappeared.


Outgoing world champion Fabio Quartaro set the best race pace after practice, four steps ahead of Bagnaia. Had he turned it into a holeshot and gone on, this opportunity would probably have caused Bagnia to make another mistake adding to his five DNFs this year.







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