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The Ever-Cheeky Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi is the greatest rider of his generation without a doubt. The nine-time MotoGP champion is a legend among MotoGP fans and possibly the greatest rider ever. However, it is always nice to see that even legends can act the way we humans do, right?

A short little tale has emerged that shows just how much of a goofball Rossi can be. The story was recounted by Guido Meda, the Italian MotoGP journalist. Followers of MotoGP are sure to know of Meda. He made a name for himself in parallel with Rossi and has followed the legend throughout his career.  

Meda began by stating the background against which the incident occurred. It was around the middle of the 2000s. At that time, Rossi was already at the height of his popularity. Moreover, he was already an established MotoGP champion with a few titles under his belt.

Madea Gets An Agusta Brutale

Rossi and Meda had both been invited for a broadcast by Fabio Volo, who is a musician from Italy. Coincidentally, the MV Agusta Brutale had just been released by the high-powered bike manufacturer. Meda had just procured one for himself on trial from the Agusta camp. Wanting to get a taste of the torque and power of the new machine, Meda promptly arrived at the motorcycle studios with his brand-new Brutale.

Rossi Wants A Ride

In the evening, the whole team went to hang out. Rossi noticed then that Meda was riding a motorcycle and began to ask him about the machine. Just like, how the bike felt, how Meda was going, small talk!

Meda could feel the inevitable question coming and Rossi did finally ask, "Will you let me try it?"

Laughing out, Meda says that at the moment he was completely left speechless. Here was the greatest talent in motorcycle history asking him for a bike that wasn't even his, to begin with! How was he to react? Even the conditions were far from perfect.

"A bike that wasn't mine," Meda laughed, "In the Milanese night and with the asphalt a bit damp!"

Meda adds, "I was not quiet but I could not say no! How can you tell Valentino Rossi you don't trust him?"

Yes, exactly! How?! So thinking, Meda gave over the keys to Rossi.

The veteran MotoGP champion promptly got up on the bike and disappeared into the darkness.

"It was crazy cold," said Meda. "Vale had told me shortly before that I was crazy to ride a motorcycle in those temperatures.

"It was night, there was also a bit of fog and I saw it disappear in a few seconds, with the engine playing at full speed."

All's Well That Ends Well

Of course, in the end, Meda really didn't have to worry much. Rossi is not a world champion for nothing. Meda got back his bike soon after, without a scratch. Rossi, on the other hand, was all smiles. It just goes to show Rossi's passion for riding and how much he loves bikes in general.


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