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The Fear Of Separation From Aprilia In MotoGP, Argentina Is Concerning Quartararo

MotoGP World Champion, Fabio Quartararo is in dismay concerning the split of poleman Aleix Espargaro and Aprilia in MotoGP Grand Prix, Argentina after noticing his pace.


This Saturday, at Termas de Rio Hondo, we witnessed Espargaro’s memorable first pole for Aprilia in the contemporary MotoGP era. It was one of the fastest race paces experienced in the event after the practice.


After the last season, we saw Aprilia taking the lead. On the other hand, we also noticed Espargaro becoming the closest Italian race by winning the race in the fourth position in Qatar last month.


Quartararo, who showed a sturdy pace in practice to end the race in the sixth position, said that he was shocked by Espargararo's pole charge. However, his crucial concern is Spaniard as he is capable of breaking the set if he gets a good start this Sunday.


He addressed the concern by saying that he was surprised. But not for the pole position as they can easily secure first and second place in FP2. he was more surprised by Aleix as he effortlessly acquired the pace that he performed on the soft.  Therefore, if he starts better, there’s a good chance of him pulling the race away.


He further says that he thought of having a slight margin left in pace as he decided to complete one lap along with the other fifteen laps on the medium tire. And he is successful in doing so in just one hour thirty-nine minutes and two seconds. He said that the consumption of tires will be detected the next day.


Pol, Espargaro’s brother, thinks that the Aprilia rider can be the “main guy” for this Sunday’s race. However, he also mentioned the speed Maverick Vinales has in RS-GP this Saturday. He said that the race was quite amazing to watch.


When he was asked about his brother Espargaro, he addressed him as the main guy of the race too. He mentioned Maverick, Aprilias, and Fabio being fast. However, he greatly enjoyed the performance of Aprilias.


He hopes that some changes and improvements will definitely be made in the tracks, which help their Honda to become faster with more power and control.   


He further said that it is not going to be as beautiful and effortless as it sounds. He is happy for Espargaro as a brother. But as a competitor, he wants him to be on the pole with other rivals. He concluded the interview by saying hard work pays off.

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