Yamaha Remains Unfazed by Qualifying Gap to Ducati

Yamaha Remains Unfazed by Qualifying Gap to Ducati

Yamaha's MotoGP team has expressed confidence and resilience despite the qualifying gap observed between their bikes and those of Ducati.

While Ducati riders have demonstrated impressive qualifying performances in recent races, Yamaha remains steadfast in their approach, focusing on the bigger picture rather than being fixated solely on qualifying results.

Yamaha's team management emphasized the importance of maintaining perspective, acknowledging that while qualifying is crucial, it's the overall race performance that ultimately determines success in MotoGP.

With a solid race pace and consistent performance throughout the season, Yamaha believes they have the capability to compete at the highest level, regardless of any qualifying disparities.

The team remains committed to continuous improvement and is working diligently to address any challenges they may face on the track.

In summary, Yamaha's MotoGP team is undeterred by the qualifying gap to Ducati, maintaining confidence in their abilities and focusing on delivering strong race performances to achieve their goals in the championship.

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